Blend of different tastes of all four musicians. From melancholy to kick-ass riffs. Just doing what we love!

Kaschalot started as a one-man-solo-project in 2014 with the release of an eponymous debut EP. In 2016, the solo-project became a four-piece band. In 2018, Kaschalot released their first full-length album "Whale Songs," which earned the band a substantial following in Estonia and abroad. Despite the global challenges faced during 2020, the band still held a number of sold out concerts, highlighting just how far they had come in just a few years. Mixing instrumental rock with progresive, post-, metal, and screamo supported by a foundation of major chords that makes that music sound light, cheerful and memorable, Kaschalot's style cannot be defined by any one genre.


KASCHALOT // Music production: kaschalot.bandcamp.com


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